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"On and On"

A Review

The stunningly simple love song is a yearning ballad you wish would never end.


Emili - "On and On" Feature

Emili’s affecting vocals serves as a proper instrument for delivering her emotional lyrics.


Emili Talks Idol and Her New Single

In an exclusive interview, Emili talks about her music career and plans for the future.

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10-in-10 with Yale’s Emili

She sang for billions at 14. Right now, an audience of one is OK.

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"When" is the dose of hope we need

20-year-old artist Emili's new single, "When", is a breath of fresh air...


Arts and Media Award recipients...

A few days after they played together, Li approached Ho with an idea: to apply the Award.

had so much fun performing my songs for


"On and On"

Though it was written last summer, it feels quite appropriate for lockdown.


Emili's Universe in On and On

Emili fait une grande rentrée dans la liste des artistes qu’il faut absolument suivre.


New Music: "Nothing"

Emili’s ‘Nothing’ was written about the constant pressure to be doing something productive.

wish I could be memorizing chords instea
Diandra Reviews

Emili Asks Us


When I first heard “When,” I was in awe of its purity.

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A little something for everyone

If you’re looking for an engaging acoustic singer-songwriter, Emili has a lot of ability for that style.


My Words! My Voice! I Did It My Way!

The multi-talented Emily Li ’18  writes about her experiences in the professional dance world

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Emili's Introspective Single

The tune possesses mellow instrumentation scented with a warm indie-alternative aroma.


Emili - "Nothing" Review

With a pop with graceful chords, here is Emili who distills a delicate breath with Nothing.


“Nothing” - Emili | Review

The beautiful stripped back single makes a statement about taking time to enjoy the world.

had so much fun performing my songs for
Rock the Pigeon

“When” by Emili is Perfectly Peaceful

“When” is an acoustic song poetically describing the feelings of isolation.


Hitting A 

High Note

Emily Li ’18  recently received a $500 grant aimed at encouraging Asian-American art...

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